Too busy to exercise?

Ryan gives his thought's on finding time to exercise.

Now, before we start, this isn't a "If you haven't got time, make time" type of rant.

I get it, life is busy!
Kids, job, friends, family, netflix (ok I'm allowed one dig).
But guess what, you don't have to put aside time every day to exercise if you don't have time every day!


Listen and please understand this....Once a week is better than nonce a week. (I actually stole that off a mentor in the industry and I LOVE it!)

Why don't more people exercise? Main excuse is no time, and that probably isn't about to change for most people.

Just try for one workout a week, let it fit into your schedule and make it a non-stressful, guiltless time for yourself. can get results off one good workout a week. can fit in into your schedule. may find you enjoy it and actually start finding more time for this exercise thing you have started to get into.

For now, just commit to once a week and start a habit you can happily maintain.
No need to pack your bags and go on that guilt trip for not exercising enough. You can easily and happily put aside one hour a week for a decent workout and feel great about it, and your body will thank you too!